Life with Gus

Bones are fun and easy to paint. I just started this little series of life with my lifelong buddy Augustus. He’s a 25 year old Timneh African Grey parrot.

I do these little paintings between larger more serious paintings. They’re like little palate cleansers (pun intended) between painting adventures. There is nothing morbid or evil about my skeletons. The human skeleton is the frame of the greatest work of art ever created – the human being – created by the Greatest Composer of All. These all hang in my studio and I check ’em out when I need a laugh.

Waiting for Vincent” 11,14 oil on canvas
A Pirate Looks at 60” (Jimmy Buffett inspired title), 11×14 oil on canvas
Boardwalk Bandits” 11×14 oil on canvas

On this one I didn’t realize the composition mistake I made, but I think it turned out funny. The disconnected leg is kicking the racoon right in the bum. Whooopsie!!