Image Acquisition and Pricing

Availability of Art: All work that is for sale will have a price beneath it with the caption. There may be a link to email me for the details, a button to purchase the piece, or a link to buy it elsewhere online. All work without a price are in my sketchbooks or private collections.

Purchasing: Art that fits into an envelope is free of shipping fees. Art that must go into a box will have shipping paid by the buyer. I use the US Postal Service. You must tell me the destination of the piece so I can quote you a price that includes shipping fees. Larger paintings purchased in the Southeast are delivered personally by myself, after 1/2 the price of the piece is paid. Remaining payment is due on delivery. And I would love to meet my customers!

Refunds: I am happy to offer refunds of tangible art within 15 days of the date of sale. I do not issue refunds for digital e-books.

Charities: Religious charities, animal rescue organizations and animal rehabilitation groups are welcome to use reproductions (at your cost) of my work, free of licensing fees. But first obtain permission. Please contact me with your organization’s official nonprofit charity site online location as I am always eager to help.

Scammers: I’m familiar with the art scams out there. They’re rampant, obvious, and they’ve been tried on me very poorly, so please move on if that’s your intent. I work directly with buyers or established industry professionals of my own selection.

Unlawful Usage: it is illegal to copy and use, without permission, an image, online or in print, that someone else created, even if the image exhibits no copyright sign or symbol. No symbol is necessary to legally pursue action against Intellectual Property theft.

Please contact me at with inquiries.