Pencil Work

“Carmichael” Pencil on paper. Inspired by a friend’s photograph. I drew it for her as a gift. His name wasn’t really Carmichael, I was listening to the Greendale album by Neil Young, and “Carmichael” is my favorite song on that album.I listened to it a lot while drawing this. But I think he looks like a Carmichael!
“Woodrow and Lorrie Darlin'”
Sunday Afternoon” Pencil drawing of my counter one Sunday.
Snow Goose” pencil on paper. This is a huge drawing and in my personal collection. The framing alone cost $600! It’s in a beautiful red oak frame.
Sketch of a Snowy Egret
River rock drawn with vine charcoal and my fingers. Big fun!
Pepe’s Bum” A little sketch of my bunny lounging on my bed watching TV.
Poison Dart frog drawing in my sketchbook.
Eddie on my Isabeys” This was my Parrotlet Edward. He passed away gently in my hands while I cradled and comforted him as he passed. He lived 26 years.
Pileated Woodpecker sketch in my sketchbook
Mourning Dove sketch
Mechanical pencil drawing of my Lionhead Rabbit Pepe.
One corner of my kitchen.
Woodrow” Holland Lop baby. My precious pet that I had only five years. I loved him so much.
Green Kingfisher, drybrush watercolor
Bluebird and camera drybrush watercolor
Vine charcoal sketch of one of my bunnies. I just smudged the entire thing with my fingers. Took about 15 minutes. Sometimes fingers can be better than pencils or brushes!
Boat-tailed Grackle drawing, pencil on paper
Carolina Wood Duck drybrush watercolor
Blue Jay pastel
Grey Parrot, pencil on paper