Favorite Artists

Sarah Batalka = hyper realism specializing in animals. This girl has got mad skills.

Judi Dressler = great nature photographer. Great eye for composition. Fantastic sense of space and color. She has many photographs that I would have loved to make myself.

Hiroko Stumpf = Hiroko’s watercolors are a pleasure to study. She has a very light touch and a great eye for color harmony. Watercolor is one of the hardest painting mediums to master and this lady is a master for certain!

Jon McNaughton = professional working painter specializing in patriotic images of Americana, American politics and Christianity.

Favorite Places

I have western roots but the South is my home. I spent a couple of decades missing and trying to get back home to California. But somewhere along the way a powerful love of the South has gently replaced that homesick state I was in. Now I spend my time exploring the southern Appalachians and Georgia for a permanent home for me and Gus. My most recent trip was to Savannah.

Savannah, GA

I had four days on this little trip and I never made it out of the Historic District. The trees were enough for me. I’ll do shopping and dining later. I stayed at the Forsythe Park Inn and was only a little unnerved by the house’s ‘protector’ Carlotta. She passed away many years ago but she opened the 12′ tall door to my room for me on my last night. Forsythe Park Inn. Check ’em out.

Forsythe Park, Savannah, GA
Savannah, GA

Hiawassee, GA

My Hiawassee hideaway.

North of Helen, and a stone’s throw from North Carolina and Tennessee, is a little town called Hiawassee. Ms. Wilene has a cabin right on the Hiawassee River and I go there with Augustus. I can feed the fish. The beautiful trout show up every morning to get fed. They get so excited their tails will splash you in the face with water. It’s posted – absolutely no fishing. Love Ms. Wilene 🙂