Digital Art is Not Photography: the difference

Vision Bird: a photograph three years in the making

The Visual Experience: approaching the photographic image

The Selfie: An Important Trend

Beauty in Art: finding the source of beauty in art

Is it Art?: identifying the reasons an image can be labeled a work of art

Punching Canvas: The Artist in Pain: turning to your art for comfort

The Confident Artist: reasons an artist must have self-confidence

The Selfish Artist: reasons an artist may be considered selfish

The Single Artist: Art is a competitive companion

The Plover: first experience in the field


Perspective in Photography: the basics and terminology of perspective as it is used in photography

10 Nature Photography Guidelines: guidelines that suggest predictable results

Using Lines in Photography: different kinds of lines and how they are used and avoided in photography

Developing a Style: developing a style through passion

Observation Skills in Photography: good reasons for good visual awareness

Demystifying Composition: the basics and terminology of image design

The Art of Critique: Overall Evaluation

NEW 2/21: The Art of Critique: Evaluating the Intangibles

Breaking all the Rules: confidently bending the guidelines of composition