Great Egret Profile

Great Egret, Alligator Farm, St. Augustine, FL, Provia100F

I went to the famous Alligator Farm in St. Augustine. It’s a place with a zillion big, beautiful wading birds in their best plumage, all fighting for nesting real estate and raising young. And they’re all super close so you can get easy shots like this.

This was the first time I had used Canon gear. I borrowed it from Arthur Morris who was convinced I would like it better than the Nikon I was using. I borrowed an EOS3 of his and his famous “toy” 400mm and came back with some of the best images of my portfolio — to date. Needless to say, I switched systems immediately. I bought that toy lens and used it for a few years and sold it to someone else. It truly was a great piece of optics — peeling camo tape and all.

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